Overview Of  The Company

PSG Projects is a generalist plumbing and building maintenance company specialising in both contracting and building maintenance projects. The company is recognised as a versatile service provider and  undertakes industrial, commercial and domestic projects.
The company is a service provider  with  a wealth of experience , encompassing all  areas  within
the plumbing and building maintenance sector.
The company is registered  with the Institute Of Plumbing SA ( IOPSA ) , Plumbing Industry Registration Board ( PIRB ) , Master Builders Association  (MBA ) and the Ethkweni Municipality.
The company is affiliated To the Construction Industry Development Board ( CIDB ).
The company is a BEE accredited company with a level 3 certificate.


The company is ideally situated in the cosmopolitan hub of Durban and is able to network with our
clients  ,suppliers  and staff easily to alleviate time response loss.
Differentiation based on providing outstanding and superior service  is recognised as one of  our critical factors .
The company ison 24 hour call and all emergencies are acted upon tineously.
PSG Projects has a fleet of vehicles adequately equipped with stock and is sufficiently equipped with
tools , plant and small machinery.


The company has a team of highly trained  , skilled and dedicated staff who share values of
Commitment and excellence. Staff are continiously trained to keep abreast of the latest developments  within the plumbing and building sectors.  All staff are attired with safety and protective workwear.

Safety / Health / Enviromental

Safety, Health and enviromental awareness is paramount to our company’s idealogy and mandate  and we  endeavour to maintain high standards all the time. The company is registered with the Workmens Compensation Fund ( WCA ) and carries a public liability insurance. All  records are kept in the SHE file  to
highlight our stringent concerns in this regard.

Scope Of Works

The company undertakes all industrial, commercial and domestic plumbing and building works  incorporating
contracts and maintenance projects. PSG Projects has vast experience with Body corporates, factories, warehouses, hospitals, educational institutions, offices, and domestic households.
In addition to the above  the  the company conceptualises and designs all plumbing and building maintenance
Requests. All stipulated by- laws and regulations  are conformed to the principal affiliated bodies.
We also  subscribe  to the ethics endorsed by the municipal by – laws.

Mission Statement   

To serve the industry with distinction in terms of superior service , expertise and excellence.

Our Goals

To maintain healthy liquidity, effective management and growth.
To understand each clients’ requirements and provide quality service that results in the formation of
lasting relationships.
To establish an environment that challenges and empowers  the company to project  and enhance it’s reputation within the industry.
To achieve primary and secondary objectives in terms of longevity and advancement.